WP4: Management

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Michael Schloter, HMGU

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Grunewaldt, LUH

The project aims to develop and test chemical, physical and biological techniques that minimize the spread of ARD or its consequences for the plant. The general strategy of WP4 is to develop new methods based on an improved understanding of the etiology of the disease (Phase 3), as well as to test existing methods for their effectiveness at different sites (Phase 2). In particular, the new methods are first tested in the laboratory and then transferred to practice on the example of appropriate nurseries. Already established methods are used directly in selected nurseries. The consequences of using the respective methods are accompanied by intensive socio-economic analyzes.

Measures to be implemented in phase 2:

  1. Application of  Serepta mustard seeds flour (P1)
  2. Reduced soil tillage (P5)
  3. Use of Tagetes (P12)
  4. Anaerobic soil disinfection 

Planned measures for phase 3:

  1. Inoculation of already existing microbial supplements (P10) and isolates with new physiological properties  (Actinomyctes, Penicillum und Bacillus Stämme,  P3, P11)
  2. Inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (P8)
  3. Inoculation of endophytic bacteria  (P9)
  4. Inoculation of arthropds (P13)
  5. Application of clay for soil the stabilization of the soil structure at sandy sites (P4)

       Testing new apple genotypes (P6, P7, P17)