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GRUNEWALDT-STÖCKER, G., MAHNKOPP, F., POPP, C., MAISS, E. AND T. WINKELMANN (2019): Diagnosis of apple replant disease (ARD): Microscopic evidence of early symptoms in fine roots of different apple rootstock genotypes. Scientia Horticulturae 243: 583-594.


LUCAS, M., BALBIN-SUAREZ, A., SMALLA, K. AND D. VETTERLEIN (2018): Root growth, function and rhizosphere microbiome analyses show local rather than systemic effects in apple plant response to

replant disease soil. PLoS ONE 13: e0204922. (zum Downloadbereich)


MAHNKOPP, F., SIMON, M., PÄTZOLD, S., LEHNDORFF, E., WREDE, A. AND T. WINKELMANN (2018): Induction and diagnosis of apple replant disease (ARD) a matter of heterogenous soil properties? Scientia Horticulturae 241: 167-177.


WINKELMANN, T., SMALLA, K., AMELUNG, W., BAAB, G., GRUNEWALDT-STÖCKER, G., KANFRA, X., MEYHÖFER, R., REIM, S., SCHMITZ, M., VETTERLEIN, D., WREDE, A., ZÜHLKE, S., GRUNEWALDT, J., WEIß, S. AND M. SCHLOTER (2019): Apple Replant Disease: Causes and Mitigation Strategies. Curr. Iss. Mol. Biol. 30: 89-106. (zum Downloadbereich)



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